A Geological Tour of Denver, Golden, and Colorado's Front Range

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The Idaho Springs Batholith

Arapahoe Bar and Arapahoe City

Historical marker erected in 1946 by the Colorado Historical Society at the Arapahoe Bar site (on 44th street, just west of McIntyre Road in Golden).

Arapahoe City - November 29, 1858

The tablet reads:
In this immediate area once stood Arapahoe City, a pioneer placer camp, the earliest town in Jefferson County, named for the Arapahoe Indians.  Town company organized November 29, 1858. From here went George A. Jackson and John H. Gregory to make their historic gold discoveries near Idaho Springs and Central City. Arapahoe's population was 89 in1860. Extensive gold dredging operations of 1904 covered part of the site.