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Cover - Poverty, Wealth Dictatorship, Democracy

Poverty, Wealth
Dictatorship, Democracy:
Resource Scarcity and the Origins of Dictatorship
by Jack Barkstrom

What the critics are saying...

Native Forest Network -

"...[A]n absolute must for students of politics, history and the environment..."
"...Recommended reading for anybody seeking a "behind the scenes" interpretation of history."
"...This truly epic account of humanity's rise and fall and its dependence on resources for its well-being is both well-written and thought-provoking."

The Midwest Book Review -

"...[A] seminal work that will prove of intense interest and benefit to students of economics, political science, international relations, social dysfunction, and world history."

"...Poverty, Wealth Dictatorship, Democracy... presents a fascinating, engaging, informative, ground-breaking, historical treatise on the cause/effect relationship between poverty ... and the rise of political dictatorships."

Business History -

[C]aptivating reading...


[S]hallow scholarship driven by an ideological bent.

The News Line -

A simplistic view of power...

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