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Sparta - The Economic History

Chronological Listing

c. 750 - Sparta conquers Amyclae
730 - 710 - Sparta conquers Messenia
650 - Sparta puts down Messenian revolt
560-50 - War with Tegea
560-40 - Dissatisfaction with economic conditions
Shortage of land
510 - Fall of the Pisistratid tyranny.
Spartans send force to Athens.
508-7 - Spartans intervene in Athens at request of Isagoras
Spartan force under Cleomenes blockaded in Acropolis.
464 - Earthquake at Sparta; revolt of helots
446-5 - Thirty years' peace between Athens and Peloponnesians
432 - Start of the Peloponnesian War
424 - Sparta secretly executes 2,000 helots, lured by promises of a parade in honor of their military service to Sparta
421 - Peace of Nicias ends first phase of Peloponnesian War
450-390 - Agricultural production declines in Sparta
Spartiates unable to fulfill contribution from plots
Loss of citizenship; Growing number of "Inferiors"
397 - Conspiracy of Cinadon in Sparta
Krpyteia arrest and execute members of "Inferiors" for plot
371 - Peace of Callias (June)
Spartan army defeated at battle of Leuctra (July)
370-69 - Boeotians, led by Epaminondas, invade Peloponnese
369 - Messene founded
Boeotians invade Peloponnese for second time, recognize Messenia